Surface Observing of Chest Essay

Surface Tagging of the Lung area

The pinnacle of the lung extends upwards for one to two ins above the anterior extremity of the first rib, and is suggested by a curled line drawn from the upper boundary of the sterno-clavicular articulation to the junction in the inner and middle thirds of the clavicle, the highest area of the curve staying from 0.5 inch to at least one 1/2 ins above the clavicle. The height of the right lung is usually 1/2 " higher than those of the still left. The subclavian artery is on the cervical pleura covering the height of the chest. The susodicho border from the right chest is indicated by a collection drawn from the upper border from the sterno-clavicular connection to the middle of the manubrium, and thence vertically down, slightly left of the midsection line, for the level of the sixth' or seventh saca cartilage. The anterior border of the kept lung is usually indicated with a similar range as far as the fourth costal cartilage; thence along the lower edge of the the fibrous connective tissue cartilage to the parasternal line, in that case downwards, to the upper boundary of the sixth costal the cartilage in the parasternal line. The bottom border in the lung may be the same in both sides, and it is indicated by a line drawn from the lowest point of the anterior border along the sixth saca cartilage to the mid-clavicular range, and then curving slightly down across the breasts to the backbone of the 10th dorsal vertebra; this line crosses the eighth rib at the part and the 10th rib at the back of it. The pleura is a little larger than the lungs, especially inferiorly.

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