Pure, Crossbreed, Stuck-in-the-Middle Strategies Essay

Pure, hybrid or " stuck-in-the-middle" tactics? A modification and analysis of their effects on organization performance. PERTUSA-ORTEGA, E.; CLAVER-CORTÉS, E.; MOLINA-AZORÍN, J. Farreneheit

EURAM, Rome (France), may possibly 2007.

Summary The purpose of this study should be to examine the viability of hybrid competitive strategies, which combine difference and cost elements, and their impact on organisational performance in comparison to pure tactics and " stuck-in-the-middle” mixtures. The analysis carried out on a multisectorial sample of 164 Spanish organizations has revealed that a large number of these people use different types of hybrid strategies and also that such tactics tend to become associated with larger levels of firm performance, specifically those tactics which place emphasis on a greater number of strategic sizes, and especially on development differentiation. This really is a relevant getting because past studies got so far targeted above all upon US info and because it shows that The country has evolved from being a growing country with low costs to a produced nation wherever innovating is important in order to be competitive.


Since Porter published the study through which he recommended three several, mutually exclusive types of general competitive approaches, numerous performs have fuelled a debate which revolves around three main aspects: a) whether the technique of any firm could be represented by one of the three types of generic approaches outlined by simply Porter, my spouse and i. e. expense leadership, differentiation and focus (Bantel and Osborn, 95; Dawes and Sharp, mil novecentos e noventa e seis; Kotha and Vadlamani, 95; Miller and Dess, 1993); b) the compatibility or perhaps incompatibility between these strategies (Hill, 1988); and c) the convenience of combining these techniques for


the purpose of improving the organisation's functionality and better adapting for the demands carried by the environment (Allen and Helms, 2006; Burns, 1992). The 3rd aspect may be the one which has brought the least focus, which is why this kind of paper seeks to provide empirical evidence about it. The beginning assumption is that " pure” generic costs or differentiation strategies1 are probably much too stiff and might not really be suitable to compete within an increasingly turbulent, dynamic environment (Booth and Philip, 1998). Instead, " hybrid” strategies, that is, those which combine low costs and differentiation elements, may turn out to be more ideal and offer improved productivity. The objective of this kind of study is definitely threefold: (1) analysing if firms make use of hybrid strategies; (2) determining, if this is the case, if those hybrid strategies which usually combine difference and costs lead to an increased or lower performance than pure approaches; (3) going through the " stuck-in-the-middle” concept as well as relationship with performance. The results attained in prior research works are far from conclusive. A few authors (Dess and Davis, 1984; Hall, 1980; Hambrick, 1983; Betty and Lim, 1988) discovered that many of the very profitable organizations had accomplished either the minimum costs or the most differentiated position inside their industry, which will supported Porter's position. Nevertheless , others possess checked that Porter's general strategies will not represent strategies to achieve a higher performance level (Dawes and Sharp, 1996; Parker and Helms, 1992) and that cross types strategies are definitely the ones entailing an improved performance (Gopalakrishna and Subramanian, 2001; Spanos, Zaralis and Lioukas; 2004; Light, 1986). Additionally , the studies carried out possess usually dedicated to one sector (Helms, Dibrell and Wright, 1997; Kim, Nam and Stimpert, 2004; Proff, 2000; Wright ain al., 1991). This type of research allows possessing a more homogeneous sample, nevertheless one cannot generalise the study findings to other sectors.

It must be pointed out that the focus strategy was not considered in the examination because that strategy is truly a combination of price leadership and differentiation tactics across different...

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