Essay about All Quite on the Western Front


In the opening scene, why does Paul's organization have extra food to have? Why is Franz Kemmerich dying? How are Müllers feeling about Kemmerich different from Paul's feelings?

The key reason why Paul's firm has extra food is because, they returned from a battle within the front lines and they are famished to loss of life. And away of a hundred and fifty men just 80 made it through that ment that Ginger the prepare made to very much food intended for the 80 people that returned. He was provided strict instructions about supplying people even more food than they ought to have, But soon after Paul's firm commandeer convinced Ginger to leave them consume as much as they want to, because it was obvious that they can were not any sign that the other gift would join in.

Franz Kemmerich is declining because he received shot in his legs, and suffers under gangrene which will mend to his friends that he is getting his leg amputated and will hardly ever be able to walk. Few days after that he attempts to kill his self having a plastic hurdle that he had, because he didn't want to sub discolor his pain. Shortly after that Müller called the doctor to leave him realize that Franz is around to pass away which this individual cared significantly less and miserable, so many have died today he wont make any difference.

During the days that Kemmerich was getting sicker, Paul was there with him to generate him feel at ease. Later in the story Kemmerich realises that he does not have one of his legs, but Paul attempts to cheer him up and tell him that they are artificial braches that he can use. Paul was right now there for him for two purpose, to don't allow him always be lonely and get Kemmerichs boots. After the conversation Kemmerich pleased Paul to give Mueller the boots even though he was not there intended for him. Paul gets sad, and phone calls the doctor, but he was active to take care of him. When ever he arrives he was already useless.. they transported him out from the bed and brought in another type of soldier who had been also in pain.

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